GBB Platform – integrated support for efficient business processes

This integrated solution provides the basis for optimized information and credit management, and enables companies to implement their own efficient credit assessment processes. Complex sets of rules, internal rating systems and scoring procedures can be successfully realized without any IT input by your company and made available at all times – 24 hours a day.

To allow you quickly and reliably to assess the credit standing of a customer directly at the point of sale, the GBB Platform offers an abundance of information procurement and analysis options. From the rule-based and cost-effective retrieval of status and other information to processing in budget accounts, scorecards or internal rating systems – the GBB Platform is not only fast and efficient, but also delivers dependable decision-making information on new business, extensions or risk management. In view of the GBB Platform's flexible configuration and continuous modification to match our clients' needs, it constitutes an excellent foundation for building success. The selection and use of information can be governed by predefined rules and checked for plausibility. Thanks to its audit-proof design and detailed monitoring and reporting provisions, the GBB Platform efficiently supports the management of companies, branches, products, markets or customer groups. This wealth of benefits and unlimited scalability can be placed at your disposal without requiring any major IT input.

  • Cost and process efficiency
    Get support quickly when making key decisions, including with the option of imposing rules, obtaining information from external sources, and giving consideration to complex relationships. In the absence of any additional costs for its use, the GBB Platform is a highly capable analysis and decision-making aid that delivers outstanding cost and process efficiency.
  • Tailor-made for flexibility
    All the performance characteristics of the GBB Platform are optional and customized for our clients. The fine-tuning can affect both the look and feel of the platform and the access provided to relevant credit reporting agencies and data sources. Subsequent adaptations are effectively implemented as your aspirations and applications change. Given the unlimited scalability of all components' performance, unforeseeable developments can be overcome irrespective of their extent and content. As a tailor-made suit(e), the GBB Platform grows with your business and needs, and provides all the support you require to build success.
  • Autonomous technology and content
    You can use the GBB Platform in isolation from the systems running in your business. An internet connection is the only technology you need in order to gain full access to its benefits. Unedited datasets (e.g. business information, credit reports) as well as enriched or edited information (e.g. acceptance decisions) are transmitted in conventional file formats (e.g. csv, txt) securely by way of SSL. You have full control over the format, scope and frequency. Thanks to the audit-proof archiving of log files, you can furnish evidence of activities, reasons for refusal and trends at any time. The GBB Platform gives you the freedom to determine content while dispensing with the need for additional IT hardware, software, and administrative and support capacities.


Any questions on the GBB Platform?If you have any questions concerning the options available for configuring and using the GBB Platform, or the benefits it can deliver to your business, we will be pleased to arrange a personal appointment (Contact).



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