GBB Quality seal

GBB-Rating's Quality Seal has been developed to acknowledge a company's trustworthiness and intention to deliver high quality performance. This entails a thorough analysis of the business processes within the most significant segments of a company. However, the GBB Quality Seal is not an assessment of the company's creditworthiness and strength.

The GBB Quality Seal approach addresses the following questions:

  • Is the company able to fulfil the expectations of its business partners in terms of technology and processes applied?
  • Are the business processes designed in a stable manner which ensures sustainable accuracy and quality?
  • Are the company's operations and structure state-of-the-art, methodically validated and sound?


Initially, the company submits the required documents for the analysis of the relevant segments. Further topics are discussed during meetings with management, specialist departments or authorised representatives. The information obtained is validated in order to confirm its consistency and plausibility and subsequently contrasted with the processes of the individual segments being analysed.

Finally, the GBB Quality Seal is awarded to the company for a period of one year. The renewal of the GBB Quality Seal is subject to the same critical and extensive analysis process described above.


Any questions on the GBB Quality Seal?If you have any questions about the scope or options afforded by the GBB Quality Seal, or wish to obtain a GBB Financial Soundness Seal for your own institution from GBB-Rating, we will be pleased to arrange a personal appointment (Contact).



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