Rating of SMEs

GBB-Rating has developed a rating procedure specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is subject to continuous refinement and optimization. The procedure gives particular consideration to the industry-specific particularities of production, commercial and service enterprises, and produces an objective, verifiable and professional credit assessment.

SMEs in Germany are currently funded predominantly by banks and suppliers. The regulatory capital adequacy standards that apply to banks inevitably give rise to diverse loan conditions, depending on the specific risk. In addition, the increasing threat of insolvency compels not only banks, but also suppliers to apply stricter risk management and obtain sound credit assessments of their contract partners. From the opposite perspective of self-assessment, companies are being exposed to growing pressure to furnish their providers of capital with more revealing ratings. For the indicated reasons and especially against the background of more intense competition for funding, the rating of SMEs continues to gain in significance.

The Rating procedure applied by GBB-Rating analyzes and consolidates all the relevant success and risk factors, including those relating to the sector and particular company, to obtain a forward-looking and verifiable overall judgment. Alongside the prevailing statutory, political and socio-economic climate, both quantitative and qualitative criteria are appropriately applied to assess the industry-specific characteristics of the sales and procurement markets, of the product and service offerings, those relating to suppliers and customers, and of the production and performance process.

Both the findings made during the procedure and the final rating result deliver useful information and give management and shareholders a solid foundation for decision-making. In addition, the outcome represents not only an informative credit assessment for business partners, but also an influential marketing tool (Usefulness).

The quality and value of the assessment performed by GBB-Rating crucially depends on active and trustworthy collaboration during the Rating process. The final constituents of the process are monitoring and, if appropriate, a follow-up rating.

GBB-Rating has already rated numerous small and medium-sized enterprises. The internationally recognized notation from AAA through D is used in this connection (Rating scale).

Further information on the rating methodologies of GBB-Rating is available in the section Publications and press.

Any questions on the rating procedure for SMEs? If you have any questions about our rating procedure, or wish to obtain an informative credit rating for your own company from GBB-Rating, we will be pleased to arrange a personal appointment (Contact).





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