Management and shareholders take a special interest in ratings because financing opportunities and conditions depend on the company's credit standing. In addition, the rating process gives an indication of the action required to reinforce the company's competitive position and safeguard its future.

An assessment performed by GBB-Rating provides management and shareholders with

  • a sound analysis of strengths and weaknesses as the basis for defining the current position
  • starting points for improving opportunity/risk management
  • a rating that effectively monitors success and risk factors
  • alternative pathways for improving the credit assessment
  • arguments for negotiating contracts and conditions
  • an early indication of risks
  • a benchmark against other companies and the market

and thus serves as both a key source of information and a decision-making aid.

Structural changes in the lending sector are leading to more intense competition for funding among leasing companies in particular. Given that funding is procured to a large extent from regionally owned public sector banks and (large) savings banks, the abolition of guarantor's liability indirectly affects leasing companies as well. As a consequence, funding partners are focusing more closely on optimizing the risk structure of their credit portfolios in order to avoid possible downgrading and an ensuing rise in the cost of funds on the capital market.

Leasing companies must therefore convince providers of outside capital of their credit standing by enhancing transparency and comparability – with other sectors as well. Likewise for suppliers, stable business relations are crucial at a time when insolvencies are running high.

An assessment undertaken by GBB-Rating gives a leasing company useful information on its credit standing for business partners and an influential marketing and negotiating tool when talking to
  • banks and funding partners (evidence of solvency, basis for discussing contracts and conditions etc.)
  • investors (access to strategic investors, (equity) capital acquisition etc.)
  • existing and prospective clients (underpinning customer loyalty, acquisition opportunities etc.)
  • the general public (projecting a positive image, differentiation from the competition etc.)
  • employees (instilling loyalty, motivating factor etc.)
and therefore a competitive edge.

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