Rating of banks

Since 1996 GBB-Rating has been producing annual ratings for all the private commercial banks that are affiliated to the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks. In connection with admission procedures it likewise assesses the credit standing of banks seeking to joint the fund. GBB-Rating also assesses banks that are not affiliated to the fund.

Approach to rating banks

The rating procedure applies key quantitative and qualitative criteria to a credit institution's financial and business profiles.

In principle, it is designed for the purpose of evaluating legally independent universal banks. For particular types of institutions, modifications are made as necessary to give due consideration to special characteristics arising from the nature of their business, banking law or other factors.

The teams

GBB-Rating has assembled its analysis teams according to the individual banks' business focus (e.g. retail, mortgage credit and investment banks) and regional origin (e.g. EU, Middle and Far East, North America). As a consequence, the analysts possess the bank-specific know-how required to give full consideration, when performing analyses, to the particularities of individual and groups of banks.

Any questions on the rating procedure for banks?If you have any questions about our rating procedure, or wish to obtain an informative credit rating for your own institution from GBB-Rating, we will be pleased to arrange a personal appointment (Contact).


Further information on the rating methodologies of GBB-Rating is available in the section Publications and press.





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