Application Process

Once you have submitted your application, you will naturally look forward to receiving a reply from us. Please understand that the review process may take some time, we evaluate your application just as carefully as you have written it in order to reach a balanced decision.

The entire application process at GBB Rating – from the first contact to acceptance – takes on average between 2 and 3 weeks. You will promptly receive an acknowledgement concerning the receipt of your application.

The following information provides a brief overview of our application process:

Applications for an advertised position

  • You send your application, preferably online or by post.

  • Your application is examined by our Recruiting Department.

  • The Recruiting Department makes a pre-selection based on received applications.

  • Suitable candidates will be contacted and invited to an interview.

  • After the interview we will narrow down the number of candidates using various selection criteria.

  • If you are selected for the position, we will offer you an employment contract and provide further details on any point that may require clarification.

Unsolicited Applications

  • You submit an unsolicited application either online or by post to our contact address.

  • Your application will be evaluated by our Recruiting Department and forwarded to the corresponding specialist departments or associated companies.

  • Should we find a match for your profile, our Recruiting Department will contact you and invite you to an interview.

  • We examine your suitability for the job using various selection criteria and make a final decision.

  • Successful candidates will be offered an employment contract and receive further details on any point that may require clarification.

Contact us if you require further information concerning your application

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